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Mobile Presets:


COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH: Lightroom CC mobile app for your phone or tablet. You do NOT need to pay for a subscription to use this free app.


COMPATIBLE ONLY ON: JPG and phone images.




REFUND POLICY: FINAL SALE, NO REFUNDS. Because this is a digital file, refunds cannot be made because the product cannot be returned. By purchasing you agree to these terms. Unauthorized distribution of any files is prohibited and will be met with legal action.


SUPPORT: If you need help or have any questions email me at!




STEP 1: After purchase, you will be emailed a link to the file. ON YOUR COMPUTER (not phone) click the link to download the ZIP file. The 5 presets are inside the ZIP file. Double click the ZIP file to open it. The presets will be .dng files.


STEP 2: AirDrop or text these files to your mobile device to save to your camera roll.


STEP 3: Now it’s time to import them into Lightroom Mobile. Open the app and import images - this is where you will select those 5 files from your camera roll. Once they have imported, you will be able to see what they look like - they will be labeled as JM Illuminate, JM Muted Sun, JM Moody White, JM Night Flash, JM Seeker.


STEP 4: You can now copy and paste the settings from these files onto your own photos. HOWEVER, I highly recommend you save them as presets, so you can access them more easily.


HOW TO DO THIS: Select the first preset image (JM Illuminate) and click the 3 dots in the top right corner and select “Create Preset.” Name the preset according to which one you have selected. Under "Preset Group" choose "Create New Preset Group" and name it “JM Presets”. Tap the checkmark in the top right corner. Now your group is made, and you can save each of the other templates as presets and add them to the group “JM Presets.” From there you can import your own photos from your phone and edit using the "Presets" option where you'll find the presets.

Mobile Presets

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